Do you have too many students who will not work or who always need help?


In this course you will learn:

  • Workstations are extention of your classroom management plan
  • How to create effective routines and procedures for workstations
  • Us
  • Choose workstation activities for students who struggle with self-control
  • Manage off task behavior during workstations

Hi I'm Michelle,

My name is Michelle Williams. You probably know me as The IgnitED Teacher on social media platforms. I help teachers of high need students to effectively manage their classrooms and increase student achievement.

For 18 years I have dedicated my career to providing quality instruction to underprivilege students in high poverty schools.

I created Managing Workstations for teachers who are out of tricks and tried rewards and consequences, postive phone calls home, reflection sheets and see no change in their students

I know what it takes to manage students who have behavior issues and struggle with self-control. Through my mini-course Managing Workstations I provide you with different strategies for managing students during your small group time.


This course is for you if you:

  • Have student with challenging behavior
  • Are a first year teacher or new to implementing workstations
  • Don't have a clue about how to manage workstation
  • Have students who are constantly off task during small group instruction
  • Traditonal management strategies DON'T work with your students